Essential Types of Marketing for Attorneys

Almost everyone will need a lawyer for legal assistance at some point in their life. Whether you get into a car accident and need a personal injury lawyer on your side or you are going through a nasty divorce and need a divorce lawyer to fight for you. Maybe you are trying to plan for your future and want a financial advisor paired with a financial attorney to help you make the right decisions. We will all likely seek legal support at some point. There is always a high demand for legal support, which means there are a lot of lawyers out there waiting to get a call to handle your case. It can be difficult for lawyers to differentiate themselves in a saturated market, but there are ways to stand out. Below are the essential tools for marketing for attorneys. Take a look to see what you are currently doing and what you can improve upon.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing for attorneys can include a variety of different things. From simply having a website to optimizing that website for search engines and creating social media accounts to posting every single day, there is a lot that you could do to improve your digital presence. As a lawyer, I would assume that you are unfamiliar with how to create a website, what SEO (search engine optimization) is, SEO services packages, and what type of content you should be sharing on your social accounts, you may also check free backlinks 2018. For the website design and search engine optimization, I would recommend that you hire a professional to handle these things like hybrid traffic. Those fields require a lot of skill development and continued learning to determine the best strategies, so it is something you will likely not have time for. As a lawyer, you do not need to post on social media accounts as often as a florist or a theme park. You probably only need to post 2-3 times a week. Additionally, as you know, you must be very careful about what is said under your company’s name, so it may be best to handle social media in-house.

Customer Service
Print advertising is one type of traditional marketing that is rapidly decreasing in value. Customer service, however, is another traditional form of marketing for attorneys that will always be vital to the success of your business. From the moment someone calls to get information about the services your firm provides, your customer service representatives need to be on. If someone who is going through a divorce calls for some information, then they may be looking for some emotional support paired with the legal support they are actively seeking. If someone was in a car accident, then they will likely be hoping for a quick appointment to get things figured out as soon as possible. Each field of law will have special customer service requirements, and it is important to learn what works best for your firm. Why is customer service so important? Not only will people be more likely to go with you as their lawyer, but they will also be more likely to write a positive review online and recommend you to their friends and family.